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Video account of the exploits of Fuad Accawi. Forging Roman Swords, Making Damascus Steel, Spot on How Stuff Works, and testing the Dillon Aero Minigun in the desert.

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Filmed on location in Higashi Yoshino mountains, Nara prefecture, Sept 1996.

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These are on my progress working towards making and testing my ABS Mastersmith Performance Test knife. I hope you all like these and I would like to thank my brother Caleb for shooting and...

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An inside view of two American Bladesmith Society Introduction to Bladesmithing classes held at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine with interviews of Master Smiths Jim Crowell...

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An inside view of Heavin Forge Bladesmithing School in Belfast, South Africa operated by ABS Master Smiths Kevin and Heather Harvey “Heavin”. For more information on class schedules, educationa.

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This video covers the basics on working with a coal forge and demonstrates the basic concepts involved with bladesmithing. Note: all legitimate questions will receive a response so please dont...

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Daniel O'Neill of Nine Hostages talks about knife making and his company.

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Master Smith Hanford Miller demonstrates the use of a magnetic chuck for holding work on a drill press table to machine knife components. For more information on bladesmithing techniques please...

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Video of the Master Smith Performance Test of Haley DesRosiers. The MS Performance Test was administered by Master Smith Adam DesRosiers in their shop in Petersburg, Alaska. For more ...

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Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC offers bladesmithing classes with certified instructors from the American Bladesmith Society. Classes include Introduction to Bladesmithing, Handles and...

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This video is part 2 of 2 in a series on this Channel and Ed Clarke shows how to make tongs that will hold your work securely while forging a blade for a knife. This video shows the additional...

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I do a review of a semi-custom knife from Richard Van Dijk's Hoiho Knives from Dunedin, New Zealand. Richard is one of the bladesmiths working on the upcoming The Hobbit movie and does beautiful.

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This special preview was created and aired for This is a preview from an upcoming 4 DVD set that will be available through the Middle-earth Network. Http://www.MiddleEarth.

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