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This special preview was created and aired for This is a preview from an upcoming 4 DVD set that will be available through the Middl...

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Duration: 59:26

An inside view of Heavin Forge Bladesmithing School in Belfast, South Africa operated by ABS Master Smiths Kevin and Heather Harvey “Heavin”. For more inform...

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Duration: 05:02

ABS Apprentice Smith Ed Clarke demonstrates the jig that he uses for heat treating his forged blades in a coal forge. For more information on bladesmithing t...

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Duration: 04:20

Hand Forging A Knife Step By Step No Step Skipped approach to forging videos Full Process From Blue Paper Steel 3mm Stock To Fully Finished Knife This was ma...

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Duration: 22:43

Mastersmith Hanford Miller demonstrates the use of his Leveling Table Jig in knife making. Hanford Miller has been a Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith S...

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Duration: 05:25

Apprentice Smith Keith Fludder of Australia takes and passes the ABS Journeyman Smith Performance Test under the supervision of Master Smith Shawn McIntyre. ...

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Duration: 09:38

Daniel O'Neill of Nine Hostages talks about knife making and his company.

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Duration: 05:53

Bill ( took pity on Mike and I and gave us a tour and a demo on pounding out a knife in his shop. Bill was kind enough to give me the black where...

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Duration: 11:44

Master Smith Hanford Miller demonstrates the use of a magnetic chuck for holding work on a drill press table to machine knife components. For more informatio...

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Duration: 03:52

These are on my progress working towards making and testing my ABS Mastersmith Performance Test knife. I hope you all like these and I would like to thank my...

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Duration: 09:52

A step by step demonstration by Journeyman Smith Dan Hockensmith on building a gas forge for use in bladesmithing. For more information on bladesmithing tech...

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Duration: 13:44

This video covers the basics on working with a coal forge and demonstrates the basic concepts involved with bladesmithing. Note: all legitimate questions wil...

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Duration: 09:37

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Duration: 13:19

Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC offers bladesmithing classes with certified instructors from the American Bladesmith Society. Classes include Introduc...

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Duration: 01:51

Working on a rail road spike knife. This was done in 2008, then I miss placed the video, but found the video a few days ago and thought it needed to be poste...

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Duration: 07:36
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