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Apprentice Smith Keith Fludder of Australia takes and passes the ABS Journeyman Smith Performance Test under the supervision of Master Smith Shawn McIntyre. ...

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Duration: 09:38

A step by step demonstration by Journeyman Smith Dan Hockensmith on building a gas forge for use in bladesmithing. For more information on bladesmithing tech...

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Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC offers bladesmithing classes with certified instructors from the American Bladesmith Society. Classes include Introduc...

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This channel is devoted to the craft of bladesmithing. Walter Sorrells is a bladesmith who specializes in Japanese style blades. He also produces a series of...

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My name is David DelaGardelle, and welcome to the official website of my smithy, Cedarlore Forge. I am a swordsmith and professional artist working in the my...

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Master Smith Hanford Miller demonstrates the use of a magnetic chuck for holding work on a drill press table to machine knife components. For more informatio...

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Master Smith Ed Caffrey "The Montana Bladesmith" demonstrates and details the many steps in the process of making Mosaic Damascus steel. This step by step vi...

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SharpFans member Matt Davis teaching a beginning bladesmithing class on 01/03/09. Filmed by SharpFans Founder; Firen Skyshadow.

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This video is part 2 of 2 in a series on this Channel and Ed Clarke shows how to make tongs that will hold your work securely while forging a blade for a kni...

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Coal Forge Techniques are demonstrated and theory is discussed by Dereck Glaser, Executive Director of the New England School of Metalwork (NESM) in Auburn, ...

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Course 101 (Forging and Completion of a Personal Neck Knife), June 2010 Attendees: Scott Lipman, Lance Lipman, Ryan Lipman, Reid Lipman These four participan...

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This special preview was created and aired for This is a preview from an upcoming 4 DVD set that will be available through the Middl...

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"The Quillon Dagger" is one of the 2013 ABS Board Knives of the Year and Master Smith Kevin Cashen describes his work and the techniques he used to build thi...

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The Cutting Demonstration was sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society at their 4th New England Hammer-In at the New England School of Metalwork (NESM) i...

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I do a review of a semi-custom knife from Richard Van Dijk's Hoiho Knives from Dunedin, New Zealand. Richard is one of the bladesmiths working on the upcomin...

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